Sprint 32


Sprint 32



Gildemeister Sprint 32 – 8-Axis Automatic Swiss Type CNC Screw Machine (2005)

Product Specification


 Main Spindle:  
Z1 Travel
Spindle Stroke 4.8"
Max. Bar 1.32"
C-Axis (0.001 Degree)
Spindle Speed 8,000 RPM
Drive Power 7.5/5.5 kW (S2 30 min./100% DC)
Counter Spindle:  
Max. Bar 1.28"
C-Axis  (0.001 Degree)
Spindle Speed 8,000 RPM
X2 Travel 10.6"
Z2 Travel 12.8"
Tool Carriage 1  
Z1 Travel 2.6"
Y1 Travel 14"
Tool Carriage 2  
Y2 Travel 13.04"
Tool Holder Slide 1  
Fixed Turning Tools 6 Driven Tools
4 (Power Tools)
Max Speed 5,000 RPM
Tool Holder Slide 2  
Fixed Turning Tools 3/4 Driven Tools
 4 (power tools)
Max Speed 5,000 RPM
Tool Holder Carriage 3 (On Counter Spindle)
Standard: Fixed Frontal Tools 5

Equipped With
Fanuc 160i
Power Tools C-Axis
Chip Auger Pan & Pumps
12' LNS Barfeeder
Parts Conveyor (Side Exit)
Gital Software for Thermal Comp
Sister Tooling
Tool Load Monitoring Tooling:
 Relays, Air Valves, Tooling, Springs, Bearings, Bushings, etc
8 Radial Live Tool Heads 
2 New Axial Live Tool Heads ($11,000/each - Retail) 
2 Sets of Clam Shells for Bar Loader 2
Additional Axial Heads- 1 can be rebuilt, the other for parts High Pressure Coolant:
Machine runs water soluble coolant

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