Hanwha XD32H (2008) Swiss Style Turning Center, Fanuc 18iT, 1.250" max round bar capacity

Product Specification

Hanwha XD32H Swiss Style Turning Center                              

Fanuc 18iTB System 2 Path

Seven Cutting Axes (X1, Y, Z1, C1, X2, Z2, C2)

1-Degree Indexing Main & Sub Spindle For Heavy Milling

 Standard Features:

Fanuc 18iTB 4 Axes 2 Path Control 

AC Servo Axes Control With 2 Horsepower Fanuc Motors

Main Spindle Speed 200-8,000 rpm (S&M TF37 Collet Chuck)

Sub Spindle Speed 200-7,000 rpm (S&M TF37 Collet Chuck)

Full Stroke Synchronous Rotary Guide Bushing Unit (S&M TD32S)

Full C-Axis Control, Both Main & Sub Spindles

1-Degree Locking for Heavy Milling, Both Main & Sub-Spindles

Rotary Tool Spindle Speed 200-6,000 rpm

Cross Drilling Unit, 4 Stations With Holders

2 Driven Front End Working Tools, 200-8,000 RPM

2 Driven Rear End Working Tools, 200- 6,000 RPM

Rigid Tapping On All Driven Spindles (Main, Sub & Cross)

Manual Pulse Generator

One Coolant Pump with High Flow Rates

Part Conveyor With Part Collection Tray

Parts Separator

Air Blow Unit Controlled By M-Code

Pneumatic Part Ejection & Detection For Front Ejection

Long Parts Ejection From Back Spindle (Shaft Work)

Broken Cut Off Tool Detection

Centralized Automatic Lubrication System w/Level Detector

Coolant Flow Detector For Safe Unmanned Operation

Tool Area Work Light

Signal Tower (3 Colors)

Work Door Interlocks For Safety

Tool Box w/Tools For Set Up And Service

Cutting Oil Tank & Flow Detector (45 Gal)

Leveling Bolts And Pads

Test Chart

Parameter List

One Complete Set Of Manuals 


 Standard Tooling Package:

5 Turning Stations (5/8” Square Shank)

4 Cross Drilling/Slotting Stations (ER16)

7 Front ID Post (2 Power Driven)

4 Back ID Post (2 Power Driven 2 Stationary)

5 Single End ER-16 Drill Sleeves

Safety Door Interlock


Machining Capacity:

Maximum Bar Capacity Round: 1.250”

Maximum Bar Capacity Hex: 1.062”

Maximum Bar Capacity for the Sub-Spindle: 1.250”

Tapping Capacity on the Main Spindle: 0.312”

Front Ejection from the Sub-Spindle: 3.000”

Rear Ejection from the Sub-Spindle: 11.000”

Drilling Capacity on the Sub-Spindle: 0.393”

Tapping Capacity on the Sub-Spindle: 0.312”

Drilling Capacity on the Cross Drill: 0.275” / 0.393”

Tapping Capacity on the Cross Tap: 0.250”


Main Spindle:

Spindle Speed range: 300 to 8,000 RPM

AC Spindle Drive Core Motor (Chilled): 7.5 HP

C-Axis Control minimum programmable angle: 0.001 Deg.

C-Axis locking gear: Every 1.0 Deg.

Z1-Axis Horsepower: 2.0 HP

Z1-Axis Stroke: 12.500”

Z1-Axis Rapid Traverse: 1,200 IPM



Spindle Speed range: 300 to 7,000 RPM

AC Spindle Drive Core Motor:  3 HP

C-Axis Control minimum programmable angle: 0.001 Deg.

C-Axis locking gear: Every 1.0 Deg.

Z2-Axis Stroke:12.500”

Z2-Axis Rapid Traverse: 1,200 IPM

Z2-Axis Horsepower: 2.0 HP

  Cross Working Spindles:

Spindle Speed range: 200 to 6,000 RPM

AC Spindle Drive Geared: 1.7 HP


Tool Position:

O.D. Tool Positions: 5

O.D. Tool Shank: 0.625” Sq

Cross Mill / Drill Stations: 4

Main Spindle I.D. Tool Positions Total (ER-16 Type): 7

5 Stationary from the Main Tool Stand

2 Powered Face Mill / Drill stations independent from the Main Tools

Sub-Spindle I.D. Tool Positions Total (ER-16 Type): 9

5 Stationary from the Main Tool Stand

2 Stationary Independent from the Main Tools

2 Gear Driven Independent from the Main Tools to 6,000 RPM

Coolant / Lubrication Systems:

Coolant Pump Motor:  0.6 HP

Coolant Tank Capacity: 45 Gallons

Way Lube Tank Capacity: 0.48 Gallons


Machine Dimensions:

Width   65”

Length 94”

Height  69”

Weight  9,500 LBS


General Specifications:

Voltage: 3 Phase 200V-220V

Power Required: 30 KVA

Compressed Air: 80 PSI

 Standard Specifications Of Fanuc CNC System:

10.5” Color LCD/MDI

Speed & Phase Synchronous Function

Axis Synchronous & Super Impose Control For Axis Swapping

Increased Axis Servo Motor Power (2 Horsepower)

Rapid Traverse Rate Of 1200 IPM

Absolute/Incremental Command Of All Axes

Automatic Power Off Function

Background Editing

Canned Cycle For Threading (G32, G76, G92)

Constant Surface Speed Control (G96)

Continuous Threading Cycle

Part Counter/Cycle Timer

Decimal Point input

Feed Command By IPM or IPR

I/O Interface For RS232C

Bar Feed Interface Plug (24 Pin)

Inch/Metric Conversion

Jog Feed By Manual All Axes

Minimum Increment (.001mm / .0001 Inch)

Number Of Tool Offsets: 32 Sets x 2

Program Storage Area: 80m x 2

Chamfering And Corner Rounding

Tool Nose Radius Compensation

Absolute Position Coders (Zero Return Not Necessary)

Self-Diagnosis Function For Trouble Shooting

Spindle Speed Synchronous Function

Tape Code: EIA Or ISO Automatic

Rigid Tapping Cycle

Canned Cycle For Drilling (G80 – G83)

Helical Interpolation

Polar Coordinate Positioning

Crash Protection using Grids

Automatic Tool Cut-off Macro

Tool Life Management (Main and Sub)

Manual Pulse Generator Program Check


Price machine as described above.................... $   183,000.00

MTA... Eagle 5-45 Magazine Bar Feeder........... $     36,000.00

            (Includes: Telescopic Nose, Synchronization Clutch System,

            Remnant Retract, One Channel & One Collet

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