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RJ Machinery Sales


Headquartered in Milford, Michigan, R & J Machinery Sales has been buying and selling machine tools since 1989. In addition to buying trade-in machinery from end-users and new equipment dealers, we also work with large multi-national banks and lending institutions as well as with local lending, banking and leasing companies.We warehouse our equipment nationwide, but our primary facility is in Warren, MI.

R & J Machinery Sales sells a broad range of brands of used CNC equipment in the chip making and fabrication industries. Our goal is to provide our customers with reliable machine tools, which will contribute directly to their respective bottom lines, at the most competitive price.

Whether we are buying or selling, we strive to make our interaction streamlined, efficient and cognizant of both your time and productivity. In addition to our normal operations, we have developed a bit of our niché, for ourselves, in the used Southwestern Industries (Prototrak) market. In the past decade, we have managed to grow into one of, if not the largest, reseller of used SWI Milling Machines and Lathes in the country.

used prototrak mills and lathes

Prototrak Equipment

A number of years ago we launched usedprototrakmillsandlathes.com, which is purely dedicated to that side of our business. Whether you are a manufacturing company, a new dealer, or finance company; then please call us for a competitive bid on your surplus machine tools.