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Southwestern Industries Trak K3 EMX Control (2017)



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Equipped With 

K3 Knee Mill Features

50″ x 10″ table size
R8 spindle taper
60-4200 RPM spindle speed
Head tilt (forward and backward) +/- 45°
Head swivel (side to side) +/- 90°
Standard on all K3 Knee Mills
ProtoTRAK® integrated at the factory
Precision 7207 P4 spindle bearings
Glass scale for quill Z readout
Precision ground ballscrews installed in the table and saddle
Chrome ground quill
Wide way surfaces are hardened and ground
Slideways are Turcite® coated
Real handwheels so you can work manually
Meehanite® castings

Equipped With

Prototrak EMX CNC Control 
Power Draw Bar 


Easy to learn and remember all the features
We recommend this control when most of the work for the machine is simple
Great for shops where different people use the machine occasionally
Vo Techs love this CNC for teaching conventional milling and introduction to CNC on the same machine


Program easily with simple selections and prompts in plain English
The ProtoTRAK EMX defines the tool path for you once you define the part geometry
Canned Cycles
Posn/ DrillBolt Hole


Part Graphics
Press the LOOK key while programming to see programmed events with color graphics


Math Helps
 Quickly calculate intersections, points of tangency, arc centers and more.


Easy Program Storage and Handling
Save hundreds of typical programs on the internal flash drive
 Use the USB port to plug in a storage device or move programs between ProtoTRAKs and computers
Use the optional USB flash drive that is configured to work with ProtoTRAK


DRO Routines
View the most useful DRO features in a clear, color display
Press the Power Feed and Jog Buttons to let the servo motors do most of the work
Ball screws provide smooth, positive control while hand cranking


ProtoTRAK EMX CNC Specifications
HardwareDigital Servo Amplifiers – custom designed for ProtoTRAK operation
D.C. Servo Motors – rated at 280 in-oz. continuous torque
Precision Ball ScrewsModular Design – simplifies service and maximizes uptime115V/60Hz10 amps
Feedrate Override of programmed feedrate and rapid
Polycarbonate Sealed Membrane Keypad to lock out contamination
7.0" Color LCD with adjustable contrast
On board IDE flash memory storage for part programs
2 USB ports for interface with a storage device
Rugged Industrial PC Glass Scale on quill for Z-axis position readout
Jog button in DRO


Diameter Cutter Compensation
Circular interpolation
Linear Interpolation
Conrad – provides automatic corner radius programming
Incremental and Absolute dimensioning
Error Messages – to identify programming mistakes
Fault Messages – for system self-diagnostics
Parts graphics display
Look – a single button press to view part graphics
Machine Tool Error Compensation
Backlash Compensation
Selectable Inch/mm measurement readout
Jog from 1 to 100 inches per minute
Continue Mill/eliminate repetitive data inputs while programming
Context help information
CAM to ProtoTRAK conversational language file conversion
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