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Southwestern Industries Trak VMC 2 RMX (2021)

Trak VMC 2


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CNC Control yes

Equipped With 

Table size 18″ x 15″
T-slots (number x width x pitch) 4 x 0.629″ x 2.480″ (4 x 16 mm x 63 mm)
Travel (X, Y, Z axis) with soft limits 14″ x 12″ x 17″
Rapid traverse X, Y, Z 400 IPM in Toolroom Ops
600 IPM in Production Ops
Spindle taper 30 Taper
Spindle speed range - Production Ops 50 - 10,000 RPM
Spindle speed range - Toolroom Ops 50 - 5,000 RPM
Spindle nose diameter 2.2″
Tool clamping force (90 psi) 850 - 1,000 lbs
Tool holder type BT 30
ATC tool capacity 8
Maximum tool weight (incl. holder) 8 lbs
Maximum tool diameter 2″
Tool carrier speed 1.2 - 1.4 sec from front to back
Tool selection system Shortest path
Spindle motor HP - peak 4.5 HP
Spindle motor HP - continuous 3 HP
Power requirements 208V (208-240V is acceptable), 3P, 30A
480V with transformer options (440-520V is acceptable), 3P, 15A
Maximum weight of workpiece 500 lbs
Height of table from bottom of bed*** 34″
Min. spindle nose to table distance **** 2.75″
Max. spindle nose to table distance **** 20.25″
Spindle center to spindle head casting face 15.7″
Min. machine height *** 93″
Min. machine height to fit through doorway ** 93″
Max. machine height (head all the way up) *** 101.5″
Length (pendant enclosure rotated at 90°) 88.25″
Overall length of machine with electrical cabinet fully open 180° and pendant enclosure rotated 90° 113.5″
Footprint of machine (width x length) 30.5″ x 52″
Weight net / shipping (lbs) 2,825 / 3,175
Coolant capacity 15 gal
Coolant pump power 1/4 HP
Air - CFM (at 90 psi), SCFM 2.5 CFM, 18 SCFM
Air quality Air dried/water separator upstream of VMC
Lubrication pump capacity 2 liter
Specifications subject to change.* User may cause damage if machine crashes.** Must remove resistor and all sheet metal attached to top of electrical cabinet.*** Height changes slightly based on how machine is leveled on leveling screws.**** Can vary slightly due to home switch location and soft limit settings.
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